AST Instruments is a Pty Ltd company, specialising in Analytical Procurement and Solutions.
The company was founded by Vusi Mashinini with Expertise of Laboratory Equipment in Customer Service Technical Support and with many years of experience in the Field.
The company was established in 2017 and it is fully operational.

We have teamed up with various companies to offer ANALYTICAL expert advice on the PROCUREMENT of laboratory equipment and supplies.
We specialize in a wide range of Analytical equipment and Laboratory Analysers, Hot and cold testing properties, and other relevant Laboratory testing Equipment.
A range of Certified Reference Materials, solids, solutions and standards for the petrochemical industry.

With refence to SOLUTIONS, we offer a range of on-site training courses, which can be customised to suit your laboratory's requirements.
AST Instruments offers analytical support in the form of application assistance, training and consulting.

Our focus areas are: Procurement, Repairs, Maintenance, Service, Verification of calibration, Supply of equipment, Standards and Consumables.
Analytical Instrument support, application, training and consulting.

Vusi Mashinini: Owner and Managing Director

Qualified and experienced in excess of 15 years with Hot and Cold Physical testing properties, working with different types of Testing Instruments.
Vusi gained many years of practical experienced in the field.
He obtained several ADVANCED TRAINING CERTIFICATES in Germany, France and Canada from the suppliers.
He is currently training in Shanghai on the Instruments produced in CHINA.

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