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We have teamed up with various companies to offer ANALYTICAL, MECHANICAL, ELETRICAL expert and advice on the PROCUREMENT AND SOLUTION. We specialise in a wide range of Mechanical Repairs, Electrical equipment, Pipe Wrapping, Motor Pumps, Welding's and Laboratory Analysers, Hot and cold testing properties, and other relevant Laboratory testing Equipment. With reference to solution we offer a range of Certified Reference Materials, solids, solutions and standards for the petrochemical industry. AST-Lab Instruments also offer Analytical support in the form of application assistance, training and consulting.


Calibration Verification of the instruments will be carried out according to the Instruments
manufacturing procedures and ASTM Methods to meet the Clients specification and
requirements. The (CRM) Calibration standards are recommended to verify the instruments
operations and Specifications.


We offer expert service delivery to our valued clients that meets with their needs and expectations. All the requirements of the Laboratory equipment and emergency needs are provided onsite within a fast time frame. Services are offered on a 24/7 basis that correspond with your needs. We understand the requirements of our clients. We also provide standby to our clients for emergency purposes. We communicate with the relevant manager regarding the maintenance of their Instruments. Clients are recommended to have service contract with suppliers to obtain maximum performance of Instruments


We have team up with experts to provide various training courses, analytical support and consultancy.

International Distributors

We are partnered with the folloing lab instrument industry leaders.

Medieora, Labo, Etech & Jeken